manage & maintain oracle databases

GoldFish.Net is a powerful way to develop, manage, and maintain your Oracle databases. This Careware application offers an ever expanding set of features such as a Schema Browser with QuickEdit functionality allowing you to update your application code within a single interface. GoldFish.Net also offers an integrated Report Builder allowing you to build complex reports and export them in a variety of formats.

The PL/SQL Editor and SQL Editor provides a feature rich development environment. Templates allow for the easy creation and alteration of most database objects while export wizards let you export your data in a variety of ways.

Friendly easy to use screens allow you to customize your experience, increase productivity.
GoldFish.Net is a powerful tool with a small memory footprint which allows you to develop, manage, and maintain your Oracle database more quickly and easily.
Requires no objects to be installed within the database to be fully functional.
Supports Oracle 8 forward.
Customizable Login screen, allowing you to see your connection information in a variety of ways.
Ability to connect using Tns or TCP-Direct methods

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